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So when I found this book on entrepreneurship geared towards preschoolers that went along with our weekly theme this week, you better believe I wanted to incorporate it into the lesson plan for this week. I mean, read what the back of the book has to say:

Camila’s Lemonade Stand is a book about entrepreneurship, tailored to Pre-K imaginations!

Camila is a plucky kid in the Career Launcher Crew, seven fearless children in search of their futures. When she finds herself with no money for the Ferris wheel, friendly sprite Itsy shows up to give her some good advice: she can start a business! What happens when Jaden opens a competing cookie stall? And will the dark clouds on the horizon rain out their fun? With endearing characters kids love, and charming illustrations by Lizzy Duncan (Tollins series, HarperCollins), Camila’s Lemonade Stand is a wonderful first introduction to the key principles of entrepreneurship. Grounded in the key principles underpinning every successful venture, the MyCareerLauncher goal is to plant the seeds of the next generation of entrepreneurs.

I am so excited there is more than one book like this and will be getting all the MyCareerLauncher books!

If you want to make your own Lemonade Stand Book, print it out here: Lemonade Book Free Printable


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