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ladybug bingo

I have to admit, this week doesn’t have much extended learning with it. At least, not with my own kids. As a typical two year old, Trey’s attention span lasted a total of 2.5 seconds. It just wasn’t what he wanted to do this week. So I didn’t push it. At this stage in the game, I do not want to force him to do any type of activity. I don’t want him to dread sitting at the table with me and doing any type of project or learning activity. It’s a discovery process as well. This week, I discovered that in fact, my son is all boy and wanted to kick a ball at my head while he sister sat eagerly waiting for me to call out the next letter.

Hands-on learning


We tried at first to do the uppercase letters and try to pull Trey in to it, but to no avail. Quinn had fun doing the uppercase (toddler box) and lowercase (preschool box) so it worked out well for her.


ladybug bingo


This is Trey’s friend Reese. Also two. He had a little more fun doing the ladybug bingo.

ladybug bingo


He’s not so sure why Quinn and Ian were getting excited about the correct letters being on their lady bugs ;)

ladybug bingo


LOVE how excited Ian got when a letter he found was on his board!


The ladybug counting I did not get any picture of. So sorry about that!  Trey was wearing it by the time we were 1/3 of the way in to it so I figured it was best I just devoted all my attention to him. so I guess you could say he enjoyed the activity, jut not in the way I had hoped. LOL

One thing I did do for Quinn’s was I made it into a little book she could keep looking through. I punched holes in the sides and tied it with ribbon to keep it together. I think I may start pre-making them this way for everyone. She really seemed to enjoy it.


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