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Ice Cream




Ice Cream Preschool Weekly

1. Ice Cream Soup {early reading skills} Read the book by Ann Ingalls What happens when you try to make an ice cream cake, but add too much stuff? You end up with ice cream soup!

2. Ice Cream Sprinkles {color recognition} Have your child recognize the two colors that make up the color on the cone and add those sprinkles to the ice cream. EX: purple cone will get both red and blue sprinkles.

3. Ice Cream Letter Match {letter recognition} Stick one set of sight words to the cone and another set of words to the ice cream. Recognize the sight word on the cone and match to the ice cream.

Lemon Preschool Weekly

1. Smelly L {fine motor, letter recognition} Spread glue all over the word lemon and sprinkle the lemonade drink mix onto the glue. Then smell your lemon.

2. Ice Cube Counting {number recognition, math skills} Subtract the numbers on the card and add that many “ice cubes” by placing in the cup.

3. Lemonade Stand Pretend Play {imagination, self help skills} Use the mini pitcher and spoon and make pretend lemonade. Once the pretend play is over, use the mini pitcher to help create independence and let your child pour their own drink!

Popcorn Preschool Weekly

  1. Count the Popcorn {counting, number recognition} Recognize the numbers in the book and place that many popcorn and containers stickers on to the paper.

2. Popcorn Letter Pop {letter recognition, fine motor} Let your child crinkle up the popcorn sight words and place in their pop corn container. They can then shake the container until a piece of popcorn pops out. Have them unfold the popcorn and tell you the word on the paper.

Shapes Preschool Weekly

  1. Sponge Paint Shape Tangrams {shape recognition} A tangram is a Chinese geometric puzzle consisting of a square cut into seven pieces that can be arranged to make various other shapes. See if your child can make an animal or design with the tangrams and paint around them.

2. Shape Game {shape recognition} Place all cards face down on the table. Pick one card up and have the child read it. “I have {a cone} Where is {pyramid}?” They then flip over the cards until they find the cards with the pyramidin the first box. They then read the new card and start the game over again.

3. Chalk Shapes {shape recognition, fine motor} Go outside and draw shapes using the sidewalk chalk. You can use the cards from the shape game to help remember what they look like!