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1. Juggling Clown {number recognition, counting} Recognize the number on the card and place that many pom poms in between the clowns hands so it looks like he’s juggling.

2. Ring Toss {counting} Place water in the bottle and screw lid on. Then, have your child toss the ring and try to make it stay on the top. Count how many times they make it.

3. Bubbles {oral motor, fine motor} Go outside (or stay in if you’re adventurous!) and blow some bubbles!


1. Sea Shells and Sand {fine motor, letter recognition} Place sand on the plate and pick a sea shell card. Recognize the letter on the card and write that letter in the sand.

2. Tissue Paper Seahorse {fine motor, color recognition} Spread glue all over the seahorse. Crumble up the tissue paper and place in the glue. Tissue paper can be placed all over the paper to represent other things in the ocean.

3. Bubble Fish {counting, number recognition} Recognize the number on the card and place that many “bubbles” above the fish.


1. Count the Horses {counting, number recognition} Recognize the numbers on the barn and place that many horses in the field.

2. Washing the Horse {fine motor} Pretend to wash the horse using the toothbrush. Dry it with the washcloth. Talk about parts of the horse such as hooves (count them), tail and mane and what the horse uses them for.

3. Horses {early reading skills} Read the book by Monica Kullings


1. Apron Design {art} Use the fabric markers and design your own apron.

2. Restaurant Play {imagination, handwriting} Take orders using your own guest book while wearing your apron.

3. Restaurant Game {fine motor, letter recognition} Put the cards in the laminator pockets and seal. Cut out around the cards. Use the hole puncher and hole punch the cards. Place ring on the cards to connect them together. Take to restaurants with the dry erase marker to keep busy while waiting for your food!