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An All About Me Preschool Theme


Remember when learning things about yourself was cool and interesting? You know, before we actually discovered we had faults and weren’t always right. Those were the days, weren’t they?

This week’s theme, I’m So Cool, let’s our kids help discover things about themselves as well as about others. What makes them unique and different and what makes them the same as others.

All About Me book


The first activity for this week is the All About Me book. Quinn had a lot of fun drawing her favorite foods. Which is odd because she’s such a picky eater, I didn’t think she would care too much about that part of it.

All About Me book


How many crayons tall are you?!

All About Me book

The next activity is the Memory Faces game. Quinn had so much fun with this game!

memory faces game

For older kids, you can have them practice cutting by allowing them to cut along the black lines to separate the cards.

memory faces game

Then, lay all the cards flat on the ground and try to match the faces. Quinn was not pleased her first two cards didn’t match. LOL
memory faces game

But she got a match eventually!

memory faces game

Trey wasn’t quite sure what to do when the cards were flipped over and you couldn’t see the faces…memory faces game

So he thought he’d just crawl all over them! I eventually turned all the cards up and asked him questions like “Can you find someone with glasses?” or “Who has red hair?” This way worked out much better for him.

The last activity for I’m So Cool week is the Head Bust. Quinn and Trey love anything with paint so they were super duper excited about this one.

self portrait head busts

The kids and their friends painted up a storm. We encouraged them to put facial features of what they thought their faces look like. Quinn took more of an abstract approach ;)

face painting

The finished pieces of work! (Trey’s head bust is there, but he was pouting and sitting by Ian’s feet in the picture. Two year olds…what can you do?)

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