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Ice Cream Soup Free Printable  courtesy of

Ice Cream Soup by Ann Ingalls is the adorable book included in the June Monster box! What happens when you try to make an ice cream cake, but add too much stuff? You end up with ice cream soup!

Super fun to read with adorably illustrated pictures. My kids who are ice cream fans and would eat it for every meal, love reading this book.  So I found it only natural to include the theme in the June Monster box.

Read the book with your little one and then cut out the ice cream sequencing cards and put them in order!

Why sequencing, you ask? What in the world does this have to do with learning? Well, “Teaching sequencing to early learners is important because logical order of thinking is fundamental to reading and everyday life,” says Brenda Strickland, author of Year Round Preschool Reading. To learn more on early reading skills, go here:

Ice Cream Soup Free Printable

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