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Halloween Candy Milkshakes


This post is a little late, but I thought if you were anything like us, you still had a bucketload of candy leftover from Halloween. I started this impromptu tradition last year when I was trying to use up all the candy we had last year.

We popped in a movie and made Halloween Candy Milkshakes. I bought chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream, poured out their candy  bags and let them pick out any candy they wanted to put in it.

Halloween Candy Milkshakes


Here they are watching it mix up. I don’t know what they liked more–making them or eating them. ;)

Halloween Candy Milkshakes Halloween Candy Milkshakes


Last year, I had cups that had lids and the candy crunched up more. But this year, no lids were allowed–per the kids demands–and so they had to drink their milkshakes in the dining room while watching their movie.

Do you have a recipe you have when you want to use up all your Halloween Candy?