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It can be difficult to hand over a pair of scissors to your little one. I get it. They might cut something important like their hair or skin, right? Did you know that there are A TON of benefits when children use scissors? I’m not saying hand over scissors that resemble swords or your coveted fabric scissors, just grab a pair of rounded edge child scissors. This Homemade Valentine’s Day Card is a perfect scissor skill for a beginner or a child that has been working with scissors for a while.

Homemade Valentine's Day Card: A Scissor Practice Activity For Kids

Handmade Valentine’s Day Card

How adorable is this Valentine’s Day card? Wouldn’t you love to receive this from a special little kid this Valentine’s Day? It was super simple to make too. My daughter loved it!

Supplies Needed

Patterned Paper
Card Stock (We used Red & Grey)
Child Scissors
Adult Scissors
Glue Stick

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How We Made It

I cut patterned paper into 1 inch thick strips and gave the pile to my daughter along with her scissors.
While she cut and chopped the paper into squares, I cut the card stock into the size we wanted. The front (grey) was slightly smaller than the back piece (red).
In the front piece cut a heart.

When my daughter was done cutting all of the strips I had her cover the back piece (red) with the glue stick.
Then take the pieces that she cut and stick them on the glue. It doesn’t look really pretty at this point but the next step sets it off.
I had her spread glue on the back of the front piece (grey). Then we placed it on the top of the other sheet.

Then we were left with this beautiful patterned heart card.

She had so much fun playing such a big role in making this card with her cutting skills.

Benefits Of Scissor Practice

Homemade Valentine's Day Card: A Scissor Practice Activity For Kids

I’m not an expert but let me tell you why I let my little ones use scissors:

  • Fine Motor Muscles – It helps work the muscles in their hands. These muscles are crucial for writing and fine motor development. The more the muscles are used, the stronger they will be.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination – This is important for so many aspects of life, especially if you’re hoping to have a sports star.
  • Bilateral Coordination – Which is using both sides of the body at the same time with each side doing something different. i.e. holding the paper with one hand, cutting with the other.
  • Life Skill – It’s important to know how to use scissors!


We hope you have so much fun making this card and practicing with the scissors!

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