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As we gear up to send out our first set of boxes, we want to thank you for allowing M is for Monster into your home! We know it takes a lot to trust someone else with helping grow your children and for that, we give thanks!

I also wanted to introduce you to my own little monsters. You’ll get to know them through all of our blog posts a little more ;)

Welcome, Monsters!, M is for monster



This is Betty. She’s our big teenager. Who newest crazes are tea cup pigs and the color purple. We’ve gone full circle now. She went from loving to dress up and the colors pink and purple when she was five, to only wearing jeans and t-shirts and despising anything girly and now we’re back to wearing nice clothes and loving the color lilac.


This is me (hi!) and Quinn. She’s four and loves everything you tell her not to. You will notice that she hardly ever looks at the camera when asked (hence why I am in the picture with her–it is one of the few pictures I have where she is looking). She loves to be entertained and demands attention. She is hysterically funny (I am debating on whether or not to tell you about “poop slobber”–yes, you read that right–but I think I will save that for another time.) Loves the color yellow and has before she could even talk. Pajamas are her chosen attire at any time of day. It’s 100 billion degrees outside? She’ll take the flannel long sleeved pajamas. Please and thank you.



Next in line is Trey. He’s a sweetie pie. Extremely sensitive. Just this morning, he got in trouble for hitting his sister and I do believe it hurt him more than it hurt her. He laid on the dining room floor with his head buried in the carpet for a good 15 minutes. Long after she was over it, he was still struggling with what he had done. He loves horses. Cowboy boots are his go to shoe of choice. Can you live on lollipops? Because this kid would.


Here’s the latest edition, Sir William. He gets his name from my maiden name of Williams. We thought we would call him Will or Liam, but neither one of them has really stuck. He’s truly a happy all around “good” baby.  He loves to talk and coos at you as long as you will let him. You want a smile or a giggle? Beware. Once you start with this one, you may just get baby fever.