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Spring is in the air, or so we hope! This craft is perfect for the spring rainy days. Many kids are sure to have fun with this activity and enjoy creating their own rainbow craft.



  1. Use metal snips to clip the bottom off of a metal hanger. Leave the hanging part at the top, with a small section of wire on either side to use as support for your rainbow later on.
  2. Draw a rainbow shape on a piece of cardstock. Make it as big as you like, but make sure that it is big enough so that your wire hanger does not stick out from behind it.
  3. Next, cut out the rainbow shape.
  4. Cover the front of the rainbow cardstock shape with a layer of white school glue.
  5. Press cotton balls onto the front of the piece of cardstock to cover the glue. There should be four cotton balls in each row. Let the cotton ball rainbow sit and dry once you have layered them all on.
  6. Once the glue had dried, use a paintbrush to paint the cotton balls in each row a different color. Use the colors yellow, green, red and blue.
  7. When the paint has dried, glue the piece of cut hanger to the back of your rainbow so that the hanger part sticks up above the center of the rainbow.
  8. Cut pieces of red, yellow, green and blue ribbon. You will need two pieces of ribbon of each color.
  9. Glue one ribbon of each color to the back of the cotton ball rainbow, below its coordinating color of cotton balls.
  10. Hang your cotton ball ribbon rainbow and enjoy!