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One of my favorite summertime activities is going to the zoo. As a child the zoo is full of wonder, amazement and so many opportunities to learn new things. As an adult, it’s fun to watch the animals, sweet to watch my daughter in amazement, and wonderful to wear my daughter out so she sleeps! I think everyone has a soft spot for the zoo! That is why this Going To The Zoo: A Printable ABC Activity is so much fun!

Printable Preschool ABC Activity

To some learning is fun, my daughter loves learning something new, for the first time. I can keep her attention pretty well when we are doing something we haven’t done before. I’m sure this is pretty typical for kids. When it comes to something we’ve done 199 times, though, not so much. That’s why I try to create the same type of activities with different themes. This time we created this ABC Activity with a Going To The Zoo theme.

Kids can connect the name of the animal with the first letter. For instance Gorilla is G. Then go through the letters on the strip and circle all the connecting letters, in this case G.

The best thing about this activity, though? It doesn’t have to be done with circles. Kids could cover the corresponding letters with stickers, do a dot markers, thumb print with ink pad, a stamp and ink pad..literally whatever you want. How fun is that?

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