What is M is for Monster?
M is for Monster was designed by a stay at home mom with too much to do and not enough hours in the day to do them. Mandy (the stressed out mom) wanted fun activities that took them away from the TV and gave them hands on learning fun that didn’t cost a ton. Google was (and still is) her trusty friend so she turned to it to show her amazing products that fit her needs. Sadly, this time, Google fell short of her expectations. So she pulled up her big girl pants and decided to create the activities herself. Then one day it hit her. If she had these needs of needing to entertain her children while teaching them preschool fundamentals, other moms had to have this need too. And that’s how M is for Monster was born.
M is for Monster has themed monthly learning activities that you print at home. All you need is a printer, paper, scissors and glue!

What Our Families are Saying

Got our first M is for Monster box for October. I can’t wait! Austin is going to LOVE this!! Seriously, those of you with toddlers/preschoolers have to check out this local business!

– Jill

I love how the boxes come so organized! Packaged with all the material you need. Clear instructions on what to do with each activity and what you get for your money is amazing. My son is always eager to see what we will do from our box!


Everything is professionally made and packaged very well. Well worth every penny. You can tell she puts a lot of love and work into her business. She also inspires me because her activities make Brody happy and he actually learns from them.


We received our box today! My son was so excited to open it!! We can’t wait to get started! I love all the colorful hands on material. We will send some pics of our finished projects! Can’t wait for the Oct box :) Thanks Again!

– Mindy

I just wanted to let you know that we received our M is for Monster box, and it is so wonderful. I really appreciate that you provide a weekly guide as to which projects to do and the descriptions. This really is a valuable resource! As a parent of two young children both with special needs, this gives the opportunity to provide hands-on memories with them as well as knowing that I am increasing their cognitive skills simultaneously. So, thank you!


M is for Monster, is an amazing hands on learning subscription box for toddlers and preschoolers alike, i am a busy single mom and i dont have the quality time id like to have with my 3 year old. this company is amazing it sends me weekly learning projects that he and i can do together and i love it. i soooo look forward to when the box shows up. it has everything i need in it for each week and so far ive received a new themed book every month that we can read at bedtime. i just cant say enough about this company, you should check it out and see what your missing!


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