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I love incorporating winter themed activities into our day because it helps us enjoy winter even when it’s blistering cold outside! We like to make some hot chocolate and popcorn before sitting down to do fun, hands on activities that help enlighten my daughter while still having tons of fun. These activity mats are perfect for so many ages that even I have fun with them!

Free Printable Winter Themed Activity Mats

 Free Printable Winter Themed Activity Mats - Perfect for color pages or play dough mats!

Fine motor skills are incredibly important. It is not just ‘fun activities’ that we can do with our kids but the benefits are outstanding. Fine motor skills help strengthen and grow the small muscles in hands, fingers and thumbs. When these muscles are strengthened it leads to children successfully accomplishing tasks such as feeding themselves, zipping and snapping and of course writing.

About This Activity


There are 8 total pages in this activity page. Four are full color and four are black and white. The black and white is great to use as coloring sheets while the full color pages are excellent for play dough mats.

Each set includes winter themes: Snowman, Mittens & A Hot Chocolate Mug, Candy Canes with Snowflakes and Evergreen Trees.

Kids can use either coloring utensils or play dough to add patterns to the objects on the page, add new objects to the scenes or both.

Benefits of Winter Themed Activity Mats

This activity helps with:

  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Pencil Grip

Add Challenge

This activity is excellent for preschoolers and kindergartners. Each child is on their own level, though. This activity set can easily be adapted for children on a higher level as well.

  • Ask the child to use a coloring utensil or play dough to name and label the objects on the page.
  • Use the pages as a guide to draw their own scene.
  • Use the pages as the illustrations and have the child write a story to go along with the illustrations.

I would suggest laminating the pages that will be used for the play dough mats.

How To Get This Activity

It’s simple! Click ‘Download Here’ button to download & print. Then Enjoy!