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One thing I have learned while raising and trying to teach my children is when you focus on their interests and likes they focus on learning the skill. What do I mean? If I am trying to teach my son about simple math and I am using straight black and white flash cards, his interest will not stick around very long. If I use cars, trucks, air planes, trains or even bikes – his interest stays much longer. Why? Because I am using something that he is already interested in to help teach him a new skill. This is the inspiration for this free printable: Transportation Themed Simple Math.

Free Printable Transportation Preschool Simple Math Printable

Free Printable Transportation Preschool Simple Math Activity

It is simple. I created the printable for beginning math learners. Ones who are just learning to master the simplest of addition. I used transportation because I know many kids, both boys and girls, that enjoy a good car race or playing with tracks!

Free Printable Transportation Preschool Simple Math Printable

Teaching our kids simple math can be done as early as they are ready, you’ll know. These simple math problems are the basis of all future math, which you may be excited for or possibly dread it. Either way, though, it is imperative that our children learn 1+1 and 2+2. When your child is ready to explore the world of addition – these free printables are where it’s at!

Tips For Use

  • I included image counters. This will help beginners by giving them a visual que to help them count out the math problem.
  • The images all vary per math problem block.
  • The images are left black and white on purpose. It could be a great extension of the activity for the child to color the images. This could be done after all of the math problems are solved or during. We chose to color the images in each square separate, answering the math problems along the way.

Free Printable Transportation Preschool Simple Math Printable