Free Printable Alphabet Activity: Alphabet Roll & Color

{Free Printable} Alphabet Roll & Color Game

January 27, 2017
Do you love owls? We do. They are so wise and mysterious. And what’s with being able to actually turn their head almost all the way around? Amazing! Part of what helps my kids love learning is doing activities with themes that they already love, like this owl themed alphabet activity. If your kids like owls like we do they will love doing this Alphabet Roll & Color Game. Free Printable - Alphabet Roll & Cover

Alphabet Activity: Roll & Color Game

This activity is incredibly simple and can be done in two ways.

Version One:

Print each page for a one time use, one set for each child. Print out each page and play by rolling the dice and coloring the owl that corresponds with the numbers rolled. It could be fun to use different colors for each number. Prior to the start of play, color each dice with a different color. Products Needed: Printer/Paper Crayons One Die  

Version Two:

Print out each sheet. Laminate each sheet individual or with the backs up against each other. This would allow you to use dry erase markers or counters to play the game. When the die is rolled and lands on a specific number, cover the corresponding letter with a pom pom or other counter. It would be super cute if it were owl counters! You can also use the color correspondence with this version as well. Color the dice before laminating! Products Needed:  Printer/Paper Laminating Machine & Lamination Pouches Crayons (optional) Dry Erase Markers or Counters   How easy & fun is that? I know kids will enjoy this activity, especially if they love owls! You can download & print here.



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