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Fire safety is so incredibly important for us to teach our kids. We want them to understand so they aren’t scared and know what to do if we can’t be right there with them. Fire can be scary, though, especially for young kids. That is why I like to teach it as soft as possible. I like to make fun activities that my daughter already likes to do and weave in the fire safety theme. These printables are just that, simple activities that she loves to do but including the fire theme.

Fire Safety Counting Activity Free Printables

Fire Safety Theme Counting Activities

The first page of this printable is to help with counting as well as number recognition. The firefighters are each holding a ‘sign’ with a number on it. Kids can use the signs to help count and recognize the numbers. You could start with number one and go down the line or you can point to a random number and ‘quiz’ your child.

The second and third page is like an i spy type activity. Use the first page to help guide your child to know which pictures to find on the second page. In the box next to the individual pictures the child can write, or you can write, the number of that image that is found on the second page. It is excellent for counting and searching skills.