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Well Happy Easter, everybody! It is a gorgeous day here in southern O-H {waiting for my Buckeyes fans to finish this…OK..I’ll do it} I-O! Don’t worry, I’ll get to it, but in case you’re wondering, you can scroll down for our latest FREE Preschool easter printable below!

It’s a high of 73 and no rain in sight. This time of year is so unpredictable. Yesterday, we did an egg hunt at our local community park and we froze. I think it was still 40 degrees at 11am? See what I mean? Unpredictable.

I need to go make my cheesy potatoes and deviled eggs for today’s family event where I may win the grand prize egg. Fingers crossed! Usually, my Uncle Mike, who was born with a horseshoe in his butt, wins. But I’m hoping to find that prize egg and take home the money!

Easter Egg Hunt for Adults?

Yep. You totally read that right. The adults hunt for eggs. The kids get their turn, but then the big kids, aka adults, get theirs. My mom scours the Goodwill and Dollar Stores for the goofiest prizes to hand out to us all. Each egg has a number inside that correlates to a prize and she calls it out for all 50 family members to see. It’s funny when your shy older brother gets a box of tampons or your even shier younger cousin (who happened to be pregnant last year) gets a pregnancy test. Everyone whoops and hollers, cracks are made and the recipients usually turn red. That’s how it’s done in this family.

Now, I hear you asking, if it’s an embarrassing event, why do we all participate? And I’ll tell you: Because of the PRIZE EGG. Before the egg hunt starts, everyone puts $10 in the pot. Now, this Easter event has both sides of the family coming. My mom is one of six kids and my dad is one of eight. Then you add in their kids and grandkids (if they’re old enough) and voila! You have a pretty big grand prize.

Only my parents know the number of the winning prize egg and it’s hidden inside one of the normal plastic eggs. You never know if you’re the winner until all the other prizes are given out and you still have this magical little egg sitting with you. I don’t have to tell you how the suspense kills us.

So seriously, wish me luck. I’m off to win the prize!

Preschool easter printable

And for your grand prize, or just a little-added addition, here is a free printable for you and your little bunny!

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