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Have you ever been to a farm? We live in farm country so we see them and have visited some on field trips with the school but I’ve never lived on one. They always fascinated me, though. All the animals and how they live, the crops that grow, and how it’s all done. And the new life everywhere. These Farm Animal Paper Plate Crafts are adorably fun to make and turned out super cute, if I do say so myself.

Farm Animal Paper Plate Crafts

Farm Animal Paper Plate Crafts: A Super Fun Kids Craft Made With Paper Plate and Tissue Paper.

Materials Used:

3 Paper Plates
Tissue Paper: White, Pink, Green
Construction Paper: Pink, Black and White
Black Marker

How We Made Our Farm Animals:

We first separated the tissue paper by colors and cut them. We first cut each color into strips and then cut those strips into squares about the size of a half dollar.

For the cow we used a full paper plate. For the sheep & pig we cut them down to be smaller sized.

For each one we took the squares of tissue paper and lightly crinkled them then glued them on. We did this until the full paper plate was covered with the designated color.

For the cow we added a little green crinkled tissue paper to resemble grass in the cows mouth. Isn’t that so cute? That was the genius idea of my little girl! Proud mommy moment.

For the faces and the ears, as well as the spots on the cow, we used construction paper. We just cut it as they needed to be and glued it in place.

For the eyes we used white construction paper and made the dot of the eye with a black marker. You could cut from the construction paper too if you wanted to.

Farm Animal Paper Plate Crafts: A Super Fun Kids Craft Made With Paper Plate and Tissue Paper.

Super fun right? This is perfect for a farm themed unit study or just because you have a farm loving kid.  Whatever the reason, let creativity be your guide and enjoy making some adorable farm friends!


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