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Have your child create a fun dauber for Easter!! It helps create number and word recognition which is great for kids and help them learn while having fun, Let us know how you enjoyed this activity!


  • Various colors of craft daubers
  • Easter egg dauber counting worksheet printable


  1. Have your child hold the dauber in their hand like they would a pencil. Beginning with the number one egg, have them use the dauber to place dots over the white circles on each egg as they count.
  2. This worksheet can be used for number word recognition for older children, as well as counting practice for younger children.
  3. You can also use the worksheet to help your child identify colors if they still need some practice with those as well. Have them point to and repeat the colors of they eggs as they do the worksheet.
  4. Once the dauber ink has dried, you can reinforce the lesson of the worksheet by giving your child fruit loops or a colored candy, and having them place one piece in each of the filled in white circles on the eggs. They can safely eat the snack when they have finished their counting practice.