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Figuring out patterns has always been fun for me. I remember enjoying it growing up and now I enjoy helping my daughter. I can’t really pinpoint why, but it is fun. It is an important part of math and critical that little ones learn about both making and completing patterns. This Free Printable, Create Your Own Pattern: Dog Paw Edition, is a fun and versatile way to help your children learn about and practice patterns.


Dog Paw Print Create Your Own Pattern Free Printable


Free Printable, Create Your Own Pattern: Dog Paw Edition

I love this activity because of its versatility. There are a few options that can make this free printable set a hit in your home just like it has been for mine.

Free Printable, Create Your Own Pattern: Dog Paw Edition

Option 1:
Start a pattern by filling in 3 or 4 of the paw prints. Ask your child to complete the pattern.

Option 2:
Child can create the pattern on their own and finish completely or ask you to finish the pattern.

Option 3:
The patterns can be created by coloring in the paw prints, like pictured, OR patterns could be used. Patterns that I would typically use are stripes, polka dots, flowers, triangles, etc. Each paw print could have a different pattern which would in turn create a new pattern of patterned paw prints. (Got enough patterns?)

Option 4:
Color and create patterns with in each dog paw. Cut each square out and use to create new patterns. We used colored pencils, but any coloring utensil, paint or even adding stickers would work great.


Additional Idea: Use the printables for a matching game. Color or add patterns to the dog paws, cut out and use as a matching game. 

Download Here: Free Printable Create Your Own Pattern, Dog Paw Edition