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We love going to the library. We’ve been going for many years but it has meant much more to my daughter in the last couple years. When she realized what was going on we had to get a library card she could call her own. She was so excited! Of course I had to put it in my wallet, though, to keep it safe and where we knew it would always be. One day she asked me if she could keep it in her purse. UM NO. We all know what that means! So I decided we could make a cute library card pouch and keep it in our library book bag. It was a compromise but one that didn’t end up in a screaming fit form her (or me).

DIY No Sew Felt Library Card Pouch

No Sew Felt Library Card Pouch

I didn’t have any desire to bring out my sewing machine, though. Partly out of laziness but partly because I knew she would want to help, a lot! And the sewing machine + 5 year old grabby hands is not a good idea. So we settled on felt & hot glue. It was super easy to make, even with her helping, and it stays snug in our book bag and her card is safe.

Supplies Used:

Felt Piece 6 inch by 4 inches (white)
** Size May Be Different Depending On Size Of Library Card
Felt Scraps (Blue & Yellow)
Hot Glue & Glue Gun

No Sew Felt Library Card Pouch

Steps We Took:

I first cut the white piece of felt into a 6×4 inch rectangle. I pre measured her library card to make sure that it would fit.

Next I folded up the bottom until about 2 inches were left. This becomes the pouch place where the library card will live. I glued the edges to hold it in place.

Next I folded the top down and cut a slit for the button.

I glued the button on to the inside so that it could go into the slit. I put a dab of hot glue in the center of the button but left the edges free so that it would stay in the slit.

Next I cut out two different sized hearts in the two other colors of felt. I glued them in place.

That’s it. Once the glue was completely dry I put her library card in and handed it to her for approval.
She approved! Isn’t it cute?




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