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Do your little ones LOVE dinosaurs? What is it about dinosaurs that is so fascinating? Is it their size? Capabilities? The fact that they no longer exist? Whatever it is, your dinosaur loving children will love these free printable activity pages!

D is for Dino Activity Pages Free Printables

Di is for Dino Activity Pages - Free Printables. 3 dinosaur color pages with space to practice writing upper and lowercase D as well as a page to draw their own dinosaur.

It is important for kids to practice writing letters, but writing them over and over can get just slightly tedious – for us too! This free printable activity set helps encourage children to want to practice writing the letter D. All while having fun.

About This Activity

There are four pages total in this activity pack. The first three have dinosaurs available for kids to color while the fourth has a space for kids to draw their own dinosaur.

Each page has a space to practice writing both upper and lowercase letter D. I included two sets of dotted lines and a space for children to write the letter on their own.

Benefits of D is for Dinosaur Activity Pages

This activity helps with:

  • Letter Recognition
  • Letter Formation
  • Handwriting
  • Creativity
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Imagination
  • Properly Holding A Pencil

Add Challenge

This activity is excellent for preschoolers and kindergartners. Each child is on their own level, though. This activity set can easily be adapted for children on a higher level as well.

  • Ask the child to not only color the dinosaur but to draw the habitat around as well.
  • Ask the child to turn the paper over and practice writing upper and lowercase D even more.
  • Ask the child to write the whole word ‘Dinosaur’.
  • Use each dinosaur color page as a guide to draw their own dinosaur that looks similar.

Another option is that the pages can be laminated for extended use.

How To Get This Activity

It’s simple! Click ‘Download Here’ button to download & print. Then Enjoy!