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Themes for children’s activities are so much fun, aren’t they? It seems like the more fun the theme, the more children are willing to learn. I like to extend that theme to other parts of our lives too. It gives the children a reason to continue thinking about what we have done that day. This is a perfect example of how I extend the theme. We had a day filled with Crocodile Themed Activities and we included this Swamp Water Drink for our lunch, or after lunch dessert.

Delicious Swamp Water Drink - A Fun Drink For Kids!

Swamp Water Drink


– Club soda or ginger ale (your choice!)
– Green food coloring
– 3 slices of lime
– 3 scoops of pistachio ice cream
1. Fill your glass up with your choice of soda – leaving about 3 inches at the top empty. Add in about 3 to 4 drops of green food coloring and mix.
2. Add 3 slices of lime.
3. Top off drink with pistachio ice cream and watch the ice cream and soda fizz over – totally like all the crocs’ swamp water!


Lisa Silvestre-Favre

Freelance Writer & Photographer