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Cookie Monster Milkshake with Cream Cheese Whipped Topping, m is for monster!

This is Heaven. Or at least how I would think a cloud in Heaven tastes like.

Most milkshakes use Oreo cookies. And we have made those. They’re delicious. But I decided to turn it up a notch (anyone else a Guy Fieri fan? No? Ok..moving on…) by using homemade chocolate chip cookies. Woah.

Cookie Monster Milkshake with Cream Cheese Whipped Topping


Look at that CHOCOLATE! Are you kidding me?!

Here is my go to Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. I have no idea what a Paradise Cafe is, or if these even taste like what they sell in their stores, but I love this recipe. My secret is to use the Ghiradelli 60% Cocao Baking Chips. You’re welcome.

Last but not least, is the whipped cream that you can eat by the spoonfuls (and my husband did. Waistline? Who needs to worry about that?!). The Cream Cheese Whipped Cream recipe is da bomb.

So here’s how I did it.

1. Baked the chocolate chip cookies and let them cool.

2. While the cookies cool, I make the whipped cream. I add blue food coloring to give it the monster-y feel.

3. I add ice cream and milk to the a blender and blend.  Add more milk for a runnier shake, less for a thicker. Once blended to the consistency I desire, I add in the chocolate chip cookies and just pulse it. I like huge chunks of cookies so I can dig them out with a spoon. Drool…

4. Poor in a glass, top with topping and eyes. I found these eyes at my local grocery store made by Wilton. If your store doesn’t carry it, any craft store that carries baking supplies should. I then used an Oreo for the mouth. Only because the chocolate chip cookie made it look evil. Maybe because it knows it’s so sinfully delicious?

If you make this, lemme see! Post pictures to twitter, instagram or facebook and tag us!