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I am all about the gift giving in glorious ways. I usually turn to pinterest to get my creative juices flowing and today turned out no different. I was standing in the aisles of Michael’s craft store and saw many already-done-too-much gift card holders. Ones that kept coming up again and again were Mason jars with candy in them and the gift card tucked inside. I like them, don’t get me wrong, but I have done them over and over again and wanted something different.



I strolled through aisle after aisle browsing many items that I thought were less than spectacular. When I got to the glass items, I saw their canning jars were on sale for $1. I took it as a sign and snagged some up. But what could I put inside them that would wow the recipients as well as give them something they would actually want? Because let’s face it, if it’s not what they would want/use, what’s the point of giving it? Whoever said “it’s not about the gift but the thought that counts” has never received a plush pillow of a poop emoji. But I digress.

I kept going back and forth down the aisles and stumbled across some battery operated string lights. HALLELUJAH! I found it! So without further ado, the directions to make the Christmas Lights Mason Gift Card Holder. Whew. Say that 3 times fast!

supplies needed to make a battery operated lighted gift card holder

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Supplies For Lit Mason Jar Gift Card Holders 

1. Gift Card

2. Tissue Paper

3. Scissors

4.Mason Jar  (I absolutely LOVE these jars and wish I had used them.)

5.Battery Operated Lights

Multi Color

6. Batteries

7. Tape

8. Decorations for the top

Directions For Making Gift Card Holder:

Place the batteries in the lights.
Use the tape and tape the gift card onto the battery pack.
Start by putting the lights in the jar and then stick the battery pack and gift card inside making sure to place the end with the on/off switch at the top of the jar to make it easier to switch on and off.
Screw the lid back on and decorate by using the gold tissue paper or other various decorations.

Christmas Gift Card Holder using battery operated lights! Get the how-to here!


These don’t take much effort but they will be shining so bright your friends and family will have no choice but to be in love with the gift you have given them.


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