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December is a great month to work on Christmas Letter Activities for Preschool for letter recognition with your preschooler or kindergartener. These Christmas letter activities for preschool are a fun, festive way to help your child learn their letters. Simply print out the worksheet, and have your child use the key at the bottom of the page to add the correct pom pom color to the ornaments on the tree. You can also use bingo markers instead of pom poms if you’d like. In addition to practicing letter recognition, these worksheets also help with color recognition skills and fine motor skills.

Supplies Needed

How to Use the Christmas Letter Recognition Preschool Worksheets

First, print thepreschool christmas letter activities either all together under the supplies needed heading or below, worksheet by worksheet. If you want them in black and white, you’ll need to print the ones above.

Then simply use the dot markers or pom poms and follow the key at the bottom of the page to decorate your Christmas tree!

I generally recommend that parents do one to two letters per week with their child, depending on their age and attention span. So if you are working on this activity over the course of a month , you could do 1-2 worksheets per week. Below I’ve provided links to each individual worksheet so you can print out whichever letters you’d like to work on. Just click on the image or link below to open up and print the PDF file or print out the full packet under the supplies needed button.

Christmas trees are such a fun and festive way to practice letter recognition with your preschooler or kindergartener! I hope your child enjoys these preschool christmas letter activities as much as mine have. Certainly be sure to check back next week for more holiday-themed learning activities. Merry Christmas!

ABCD ChristmasTreePreschoolLetterRecognition 

EFGH ChristmasTreePreschoolLetterRecognition 


MNOP ChristmasTreePreschoolLetterRecognition

QRST ChristmasTreePreschoolLetterRecognition

 UVWX ChristmasTreePreschoolLetterRecognition

YZ ChristmasTreePreschoolLetterRecognition

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