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Meet Newton

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    • Level 3 Details
    • Complex Shapes and Color mixing
    • Addition and subtraction facts
    • Sight word recognition
    • Fine Motor activities

  • Level 3 Themes

  • Hi! My name is Newton!

  • I know lots of stuff. Well, not as much as my big brother, Monty, but WAY more than my little brother and sister, Edgar and Beasley.

    I help my mom a lot. Like, when she goes to the grocery store, I can read some stuff from her list to her. I also figure out how many of some things we need, because I can do math. Mom will say, “I need 5 cans of soup, but I just put 2 in the cart. How many more do we need, Newton?” That’s EASY! 3! Sometimes I also have to help Mom be sneaky. Like when she needs some blueberries (which are one of Beasley’s FAVORITE things to buy, because blue is her favorite color), Mom says, “Newton, can you get some of the B-L-U-E fruit?” I know B-L-U-E spells blue. That means she wants me to get the blueberries. I’m pretty good at figuring things out.

    You know what else I can do for my mom? When she is busy and Beasley wants someone to read to her and her (invisible) best friend, I get the books I know pretty good (‘cause I can read lots of sight words), and I read to them. I also help Sir Edgar (‘cause he’s a knight) count his dragon treasures. He shows me that he got 2 PlayDohs and 4 stamps from the dragon, and I can do math and tell him that he has 6 treasures. That’s REALLY helpful and smart, huh? Yeah. I know.

    My big brother, Monty, has some of his friends at our house today, and they are playing some pretty fun games. I’m kind of tired of playing baby stuff, and Beasley always just scribble-scrabbles in my coloring books (she’s not very good at staying in the lines yet, like I am), so I think I’ll go play with the big kids. Ok. Bye!