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Meet Beasley

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  • I have three big brothers. They’re big like the letters I’m learning at school—big A, big B, big C…Oh! Do you have big brothers? Brothers are nice. But also sometimes stinky. Stinky, stinky, stinky! That is a funny word.

    My best friend (oh, she is right behind me, sitting on the chair over there…I know you cannot see her, but she is REALLY there, ok?!) makes me laugh with silly words ALL THE TIME! She is very funny and likes to play fairies and unicorns with me.

    Oh! I can count to 10! Can you count to 10? What is your bestest number? Mine is 3! ‘Cause I have 3 brothers! The bestest number is 3. Much better than 4, 5 and 6. Why? ‘Cause I would not want 4, 5 or 6 brothers! They are silly heads! Want to see my silly head dance? Silly head, silly head!

    What else do I love, Love, LOVE the most? Oooooh….ummm…colors! Colors are fun. Blue is my bestest color, so my best friend (she is still right behind me, see?) ALWAYS wears blue. We like to play the shape game and see who can find more shapes in the house. One time, I found TWO circles and FOUR rectangles! But Mommy made me put the moneys back in her purse. It made me mad. *Yawn* But then I had a snack and that made it better.

    I like snacks. Mommy just made me my bestest snack and it was yummy. *Yawn* I’m not sleepy. Mommy says when I am too busy (Hey! That sounds like my name! Busy Beasley! That is silly.) it makes me grumpy and tired. But I am not! Not tired. I think I will go lay on the rug with my book. Not because I am tired. I am not. But my best friend, she is just a little tired. So I am going to show her my book. Bye bye!