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Welcome to BUTTERFLY week here at M is for Monster! Along with making your butterflies, playing the butterfly game and caterpillar on a leaf counting that came in your box (if you haven’t ordered your box so you can have activities ready to go without having to plan, prep or shop yourself, CLICK HERE to get yours now!)

The first activity we have is a pattern making activity. Print as many sheets as you think you will need from the pdf below. Cut out the squares and lay them out for your child. Have your child create a pattern with them.

For toddlers, you can have them finish the pattern you create.

Start with pattern Blue Green Blue Green (ABAB pattern) and have them put the next color in place.

For preschoolers, you can let them create a pattern or let them fill in the blank of a missing color, such as RED YELLOW _____  YELLOW.

They can obviously create their own patterns too and you can also make a memory game out of the cards. So many options!

PRINT THIS: B is for butterfly pattern cards




The next printable is practice with handwriting and letter recognition. Let them work their fine motor skills by coloring in the butterflies.

PRINT THIS: B is for butterfly tracing