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It’s a hot day already here with a high of near 90. If you know anything of weather in Ohio, you know it comes with humidity. So much humidity. I’m totally not a fan unless my toes are in the sand and I have a cold drink in my hand.

This summer I have been crazy busy with life in general as we all are at this time of year. I am also opening a play cafe here in my town and it should open by September, so as well as running this business, I’m trying to execute another one. Can you say crazy?! LOL

With all of that going on, you can see how our annual beach trip is a no go this summer. I am super bummed out that it won’t be happening. But obviously I can’t be everywhere at once so something has to give.

Which brings in all of my beach themed activities in the next couple monster boxes. I still want my kids to experience the summer fun of the beach even if we can’t physically go there.

Supplies Needed:



beach seashell counting printable


Print off as many beach theme printables as you’d like. Write a number on the bottom left hand corner of the sheet. Have your child count out that many shells and place on the beach scene.