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Doctor Preschool Weekly

1. Patient Care {pretend play} Add the medical supplies to your bag and discuss why doctor’s may use them. Then, use the stuffed animal as a patient and fix your patient’s boo boo’s!

2. X-ray {science} Using the white crayon, place your child’s hand and arm on the black paper and trace around it. Have them glue the cotton swabs where the bones should go.

Sticky Preschool Weekly

1. Masking Tape Ball {fine motor,number recognition} Place the masking tape all over the ball, sticky side out. Toss back and forth with a partner and count how many times you toss it without dropping it.

2. Big/Little {math skills} Peel off the back of the sticky paper and place on a table or wall. Place cards on the sticky paper that say “big” “little” have your child sort the pom poms by size.

3. Wikki Stix Bending {letter recognition} Use the wikki stix to bend and form the shape of the letters on the cards.

Balloons Preschool Weekly

  1. Balloon Painting {art, number recognition, fine motor} Blow up the balloon and dip it into the paint recognizing the number on the paper and placing that many balloon dots on it.

2. Static Electricity Butterfly {science, art} Use the tissue paper to cut out wings by folding the paper in half and cutting it symmetrically (Like you would if you were cutting out a heart). If you don’t have scissors, you can tear the paper as well. Glue the middle of the tissue paper on the board and cover it with the oval “body”. Add eyes. Next, blow up the balloon and rub it on carpet or your clothes to create static electricity. Place over the wings and watch them flutter!

Sun Preschool Weekly

  1. Wake Up Sun {early reading skills} Read the book by David Harrison A comedy about a menagerie of barnyard animals who mistakenly think the sun has forgotten to rise.

2. Counting Sun Rays {number recognition} Draw on the correct number of sun rays.

3. Sun Book {letter recognition} Write the letters that is on the card in the Sun Book. Illustrate with pictures if you would like.