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April Kindergarten M is for Monster box~weekly themed activities delivered to your door


Farm Week - April Kindergarten Theme www.misformonster.comWEEK 1: Farm Week

1. Pig in the Mud {color mixing, fine motor} Mix a little of all the painting colors together to create brown. Then, paint the pig so he looks like he’s been playing in the mud!

2. Farm Animals scratch art { fine motor} Scratch and reveal the fun!

3. Cow Spots {counting, fine motor} Have your child add the numbers on the cow picture and place that many pom pom spots on the cow.

Bunny Week - April Kindergarten Theme

WEEK 2: Bunny Week

1. I am a Bunny {early reading skills} Read the book by Richard Scarry Richard Scarry’s character of Nicholas the bunny, who celebrates the seasons as they go by.

2. Parts of a Bunny {early writing skills} Use the cotton balls, cut out the ears and crayons and put the bunny together. Then cut out the word cards and label the bunny.

3. Bunny Ten Frames {early math skills} Recognize the number and put that many carrots in the ten frames.

Bug Week - April Kindergarten Theme www.misformonster.comWEEK 3: Bug Week

1. Bug Graphing {early math skills} Put the dice together by cutting on the outer black line and folding on the inner. Glue in place. Once dry, have your child roll the dice. Whichever bug it lands on, add that bug sticker to the graph. After twelve rolls, count how many of each they have.

2. Bug Hunt {exploration} Using your bug jar, go outside and hunt for bugs! When you find one, place it in the jar so you can observe it. Talk about color, shape, how many legs it has, etc.

Rain Week - April Kindergarten Theme

WEEK 4: Rain Week

1. Count the Raindrops {number recognition, fine motor} Add water to one cup. Have your child roll the dice and count out that many “raindrops” with the dropper. Have them put the raindrops in the other clear cup.

2. U is for Umbrella {writing, fine motor} Have your child glue down the umbrella to the paper. Then, have them write the letter U or the word umbrella on it. Next, squirt out drops off glue onto the paper and then hold the paper up so the flue runs down it a bit resembling rain drops.