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I love the beginning of September. I don’t know it it’s because it’s at the very tip of my favorite season, or it reminds me of going back to school in all the newness that brings with it. Whatever it is, I love it and all it brings. I found it only necessary to choose the first week in September as Apple Week. As you may have already noticed in your Box, there are three apple activities for this week.


Toddler Preschool Apple Week

Here’s each one broken down for you and a little more of how I extended this learning with my own two.

1. Apple Book


Apple Counting Book


There are two different books with just one difference. The first page has a place for your child to draw a picture of him or herself. There is a circle already on the toddler page to make it easier for them to draw their faces. The preschool book is blank for them to be more creative.

With Trey, my two year old, we counted the apples and discussed the colors of them. I would ask him how many red apples there were and let him flip to the page with the red apples. We would then count together.

With Quinn, I had her count the apples and then trace the number. I also had her find different letters on the page and count those. “How many a’s can you find on the page with the red apples?” It made the book and activity last longer and of course, helped with her letter recognition and counting.

2. Apple Tree Craft

apple tree craft

Quinn loved making the apple tree. She is a crafty girl. For both Quinn and Trey,  we counted how many apples we had and then counted out the tissue paper pieces that we would need to go on top of the apples.

Toddler Apple Tree Craft

Tree worked very diligently on his apple tree :)

Toddler Apple Tree Craft


Apple Tree Craft


All done!

3. Apple Sorting

You can do a few things with the apple sorting board and pieces.

Apple Sorting Preschool Activity


With Quinn, I first had her sort the apples by color and then count them.

Apple Sorting Preschool Activity

I then took some away and had her do it again, only this time, instead of telling me how many apples she had, she had to write it down. (We’re still practicing writing our numbers and letters so she needed some help with this.) It made it more fun and a longer activity.

Apple Sorting Preschool Activity


With Trey, I  had him match the colors.

Apple Sorting Preschool Activity


I also had him help me count the apples. We only had a chance to do it twice before he lost interest. But two times is better than none! I take what I can get ;)