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Apple Donuts

I made these special little doughnuts for breakfast tomorrow morning seeing as Q and T will be headed off to their first day of preschool this year. Apple doughnuts just seemed so appropriate this week, no?
I originally found the recipe in a Taste of Home magazine, which called for unglazed donut holes, brown licorice (eewww!) and green fruit roll ups. I found none of that. So I took matters in to my own hands.


1 can Grands biscuits

oil for frying (I used canola oil)

1 cup powdered sugar

3 tablespoons milk

pretzel sticks

fruit roll ups..preferably green but I could only find red or yellow

red and green sprinkles


1.5″ circle cutter

apple donuts


1. Heat your oil in a pan until HOT.

2. Take all the biscuits out and cut them into little round circles using your cookie cutter. I got three donuts out of one biscuit.

Making donuts

3. Place the dough into the oil until brown.

donut making


4. Then flip. Once both sides are browned, take out and let drain on a paper napkin.

5. Mix the powdered sugar and milk to form the glaze.

donut glaze


6. Skewer the donuts and drizzle glaze on all sides. Let extra drip off.

sugar coated donut

7. Then roll in sugar sprinkles.







apple shaped donuts


8. Break pretzels in half and insert into doughnut.

9. Cut fruit roll up into a leaf shape and use more glaze to fix it into place.

apple donuts


10. Enjoy!