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M is for Monster was created by a preschool teacher turned stay-at-home mom. She had one goal in mind: find preschool printables that were both fun and engaging.

She didn’t want boring black and white copies. She wanted hands-on, engaging preschool printables. She wanted preschool worksheets that were colorful and caught the attention of preschoolers. And most importantly, she wanted all of this for an attainable price.

The preschool teacher turned mom searched all over the internet for preschool printables. She looked on Pinterest, Etsy, and Facebook groups. Nothing really stood out to her as a great resource that was attainable for every preschool family. Everything she found was either too expensive or too plain, so she decided to create preschool worksheets of her own: preschool printables that were fun and engaging! After much research, trial and error, our first pack of preschool worksheets were created – along with a new company name: M is for Monster!

The company was built using one simple rule: Attract customers while keeping their preschools in mind – not profit margins. Mandy creates fun, attainable activities that engage and teach the early learning skills-from one mom to another.

M is for Monster offers, interactive themed activities that kept her children’s interest while teaching them early learning skills. Now, those same activities are offered to you, a mom, just like me.

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