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trick or treat alternatives


After I talked to a friend recently and she told me she didn’t take her kids trick or treating (I know, I know, I gasped in horror too), I started to think that maybe not everyone likes to take their kids or isn’t in a place to do so. (Hello, country folk!) So I thought and I thought and I came up with some alternatives that you can do to celebrate this festive fall.

1. Hide candy around the house and let the kids go trick or treating indoors! This is great because you get to choose the candy and treats and how much they get!

2. Have a Halloween movie night.

a.It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

b. Monsters, Inc

c. Casper

d. Scooby Doo

3. Make Caramel Apples. Add sprinkle, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips or chopped nuts (or a combo to spice things up!)

4. Bake pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pie–anything pumpkin related!

5. Get face paint and decorate your faces. Have a contest for the funniest face, scariest face and prettiest face.


Do you celebrate Trick or Treat in a different way? Let us know by commenting below!