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5 alternatives to halloween candy


I know what you’re thinking. Halloween is supposed to be all about the treats. Let the kids have fun and get as much candy as they can all at once. It’s what we did right? Well they can still get the treats they love without all the sugar. Try one of these candy alternatives instead. And don’t worry, the neighborhood kids won’t toilet paper your yard, I promise.

1. Stickers–Buying them in bulk is usually cheaper. Check out partypro for cases of stickers:

2.Play doh and a cookie cutter.

3. Halloween trinkets. You can buy these in bulk as well for cheap. Check out:

4. Band-aids. Strange at first. But think about it. What kid doesn’t like band-aids? And they’ll be put to good use. Win win. They have a ton of them in the travel size for around $0.50 at local stores. Just look in the travel section and I’m sure they will have boy and girl versions.

5. Mini Pumpkins. Attach a note to have the kids paint a face on their new little friend.


Do you have any other alternatives that have been hits in your neighborhood? Share them with us!