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I find it very ironic how I go to the dollar store typically can not leave with out at least $20 spent. It cracks me up! It’s something my husband will never understand. You get it though, right?  $20 at the dollar store means 20 items! When you see something amazing, and it’s only $ grab it! Especially when it’s for activities for the kids. Sometimes activities for kids can be expensive, but in my experience it doesn’t have to be that way! Each of these three Valentine activities cost less than $3 and my kids loved them! We had afternoons filled with learning fun and it barely cost me anything!

Valentine Activities With Dollar Store Supplies. These Valentine Activities provide hours of entertainment for less than $3 a piece!

Plus, when their toys or games are more costly, I tend to be over protective of them. With kids around it’s so easy for things to get lost, torn, run out of ink, ‘accidentally’ dropped in the toilet, put in their know the drill. I don’t like to spend $20+ on an activity to turn around one second later and have it be ruined. When the supplies came from the dollar store, if something were to happen it would be okay. And because you saved so much money, there is some left for the giant coffee you have been craving all morning! Once you set up these activities, you might even get to drink the coffee while it’s still warm!

Heart Counting Mats


Counting mats are fun! These can help children on many different levels. If you have a child who is working on mastering number recognition, you can help with the pom pom placement. This can be helpful for reiterating the sequence of numbers. This heart activity can also be a reminder activity for children who have mastered 1-10. You could increase the numbers on the doilies to 11-12 (might have to buy more pom poms) or you could take it a step further and use each numbered doilies and do simple addition and subtraction.


Dollar Store Supplies:

Heart Doilies

Pom Poms

Black Marker

Total Cost: $3

How To Set Up:

Write one number, from 1-10, on each of the doilies.
Put Pom Poms in a bowl or on the table in front of the child.
Have the child place the correct number of pom poms on each of the doilies. We typically count out loud while placing the pom poms on the correct doilie.


Letter Stamping


Practicing the shape and flow of letters can be frustrating for little ones! We try to use the lined paper to practice, because that is important, but there is only so much of that we can do before they get too frustrated or bored. But stamping the letters? Stamps and ink are so much fun! Kids will think they’re doing a fun craft when in reality they are practicing their letter forms. To get more letters out of one pack of foam hearts, you could turn the heart over and do a different letter on the other side.


Dollar Store Supplies:

Valentine Stamps

Foam Hearts

Black Marker

Total Cost: $3

How To Set Up:

Write a letter on each foam heart, both sides if you’d like to. Set one foam heart in front of your child at a time. The child can then trace the letter with the stamps.


Valentine Toss


It’s hard being cooped up inside all winter long. It’s even harder trying to think of fun activities that will get my kids moving, all winter long! This one is fun and will get your kids moving and laughing! And if you’d like to, you can get in on the healthy competition.


Dollar Store Supplies:

Valentine Erasers

Valentine Buckets (2 Sets)

Total Cost: $3

How To Set Up:

We used all of the erasers and three buckets. I wrote on the inside-bottom of the bucket numbers 1, 2, 3. I set them in a triangle shape, with the #3 bucket being furthest away. Then I had the kids stand back. They would toss the erasers towards the buckets, aiming for the #3 bucket but hoping to just land in any bucket. You can keep score if you’d like or just have fun as you go. We kept score, each bucket having it’s own points (1, 2, & 3). Whoever got the most points, wins.


These are a few ideas that can help you provide quality entertainment to your kids without spending a fortune. Just think, if you went to Dollar Tree right now and got the supplies for all three of these activities it would cost you less than $10! FANTASTIC, right? They’re easy to set up, provide kids with learning fun and they won’t make a huge mess. What are you waiting for?




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