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My kids love going to the zoo, most kids do! They love seeing all the different animals up close and watching them in their habitats, where otherwise they could only be seen on a screen. We enjoy talking about the animals, reciting facts that we know and reading new facts off the signs at the zoo. Thankfully, for animal lovers, it doesn’t have to end there. There’s no better way to bring the zoo into your own home than with some adorable zoo animal crafts! Your kids can pick their favorite animals and create an awesome craft that goes with it! 

25+ Zoo Animal Crafts Every Kid Will Love To Make

25+ Zoo Animal Crafts All Kids Will Love To Make. A perfect way to extend a fun zoo trip or to study all different kinds of animals.

  1. Paper Plate Elephant Kids Craft
  2. Paper Giraffes
  3. Paper Plate Bear Craft
  4. Paper Plate Penguin Craft
  5. Paper Plate Tiger
  6. Handprint Lion Card
  7. Cupcake Liner Zebra Craft
  8. Cardboard Tube Alligator
  9. Clothespin Zoo and Hippo Magnets
  10. Crocodile Paper Plate Craft
  11. Paper Bag Zebra Craft
  12. Foam Cup Lion Craft
  13. Paper Bag Giraffe Craft
  14. Newspaper Hippopotamus Craft
  15. Cupcake Liner Elephant Craft
  16. Koala and Joey Craft
  17. Rhino Footprint Craft
  18. Paper Plate Elephant Craft
  19. Rhino and Hippo Toilet Paper Roll Craft
  20. Fork Print Panda Craft
  21. Paper Bag Koala Craft
  22. Paper Plate Rhino Craft
  23. Paper Plate Monkey Craft
  24. Cardboard Monkey Craft
  25. Zebra and Giraffe Handprint Craft
  26. Paper Plate Giraffe Craft
  27. Potato Stamped Pandas
  28. Recycled CD Hippo Craft
  29. Paper Plate Koala Craft
  30. Pipe Cleaner Monkey Craft