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Going to the beach can be such a relaxing and/or fun experience. It’s typically warm and sunny, the sand feels warm on your feet and the waves feel amazing crashing against your legs. It’s something that people travel hundreds of miles to experience, at least once in their lives. What we don’t think about, typically, is how much work it is. Especially with kids in tow. The warm sand on your toes turns into sand stuck to your body and in every crevice of your clothes. The sun starts to feel too hot and can even burn. Not to mention all of the stuff that you have to drag with you to make sure that everyone has a place and the necessary things to sit, lay, eat and play. BUT, that doesn’t mean you have to hate going to the beach. It can still be relaxing AND fun for everyone. These 25+ Must Use Going To The Beach Hacks will make your beach trip more enjoyable no matter how many kids or how much stuff you are taking with you!

25+ Must Use Hacks For Your Next Beach Trip - Hacks every mom needs when going to the beach!

25+ Must Use Going To The Beach Hacks

  1. Going to the Beach Puzzle
  2. Use a mesh laundry pop-up bag for beach toys
  3. Grab this FREE beach trip packing list
  4. Keep these aloe vera cubes to relieve sunburn
  5. Remove sand with baby powder
  6. Fill up a kiddie pool to let your kids play in
  7. Have fun at the beach with these fun beach games
  8. Add pockets to your beach towels for easy storage
  9. Keep your cooler cold by using water balloons as ice packs
  10. Reuse coffeemate containers to hold snacks
  11. Make your own beach vacation kit
  12. Take finger snacks to the beach
  13. Make your own sandcastle kit
  14. Use chapstick containers to hold money
  15. Create an oversize beach bag for your trip
  16. Waterproof your phone
  17. Create your own outdoor drink holder to keep drinks from spilling
  18. Sew a pillow into your towel
  19. Put valuables in a peanut butter jar
  20. Keep bugs out of your cup with cupcake liners
  21. Pack a summer car kit for your car
  22. Use a bread tag to keep flip flops together
  23. Make your own Sand Art Bottles from beach sand
  24. Check out these awesome sand castle secrets
  25. Keep a bin of snacks to bring to the beach