20 DIY Stamping Art & Craft Ideas For Kids

20 DIY Stamp Activities For Kids

May 03, 2017
I remember the first time my daughter used a stamp, she was completely intrigued. She stamped for at least an hour. And for a little kid, that is a long time for one activity! From then on I enjoyed finding ways to encourage the stamping while using other items besides just rubber stamps. It is fun to mix up the activity while still keeping the same idea, isn’t it? These 20 DIY Stamp Activities For Kids are so much fun! How fun would it be to make your own stamps over and over. My daughter would LOVE it! 20 DIIY Stamping Art & Craft Ideas For Kids

20 DIY Stamp Activities For Kids

1. Vegetable Stamping Craft Carrot Bugs 2. Apple Stamping Craft 3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Potato Stamp Art 4. Pumpkin Stamp Art From A Toilet Paper Roll 5. Make A Stamp Using Celery 6. Veggie Stamping Using Okra 7. Four Leaf Clover Stamping 8. Watermelon Wrapping Paper Stamping 9. Sailboat Stamping Craft For Kids 10. Citrus Stamping For Kids 11. DIY Stamped Wrapping Paper 12. Ocean Themed Kids Stamping Activity 13. Bottle Top Crafts DIY Stamps 14. Easter Bunny Themed Stamping Craft 15. Potato Print Wrapping Paper 16.Pineapple Potato Stamps 17.Potato Stamping Chick Craft 18. Potato Print Monster Art For Kids 19. Handmade Bunny Stamps For Kids 20. DIY Veggie Stamps 20 DIIY Stamping Art & Craft Ideas For Kids
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