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St. Patrick’s Day is much more than just wearing green. How much you teach your children about the history of the holiday is up to you, but I think it’s a super fun reason to have themed activities. I try to do themed activities in our house as often as possible. I find that having a fun theme, like holidays, helps encourage children to want to participate more and in turn they will learn more.

St. Patrick's Day Number Activities With Dollar Store Supplies!

These St. Patrick’s Day themed activities are fun for the kids but they are great for the adults too. Why? 1. They are low prep, Once you set it up the first time, which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, they are ready to go whenever you want to play. 2. They aren’t messy. These activities do not require a major amount of clean up when playing is over. 3. Are you ready for the best part? The supplies come from the dollar store! Each activity is less than $5! That’s amazing!

Clover Number Match

Clover Number Match - St. Patrick's Day Number Activity With Dollar Store Supplies

First of all I just love these clovers. They are so sparkly and fun! So the premise of this activity, is to put the right number of clovers into the bucket. There are some variations, though, that would make this more challenging and extend the activity. Whether you do the simple or more challenging way, it is a fun activity that helps kids with number recognition and counting.

Clover Number Match - St. Patrick's Day Number Activity With Dollar Store Supplies

Dollar Store Supplies

Small Green Bucket (4 pack)

Foam Clovers


Total Cost: $3

How To Set Up

Simple Version: This simple version would be perfect for toddlers and is the base for the other more challenging ways. The first thing I did was write numbers on one side of the bucket. I started with 1 and increased to 4. Set the buckets up in a row, within arms reach of the child. Give the child the stack of clovers. Ask the child to put the right number of clovers in the bucket, according to the number that is written on the front.

Add Challenge:

  • To add more to this game you could write more numbers on the opposite side of the bucket. This would increase the game from 1-4 to 1-8. If you purchased two sets of the buckets, that would increase the numbers even more.
  • Instead of reading the number and putting that many clovers into that bucket, you could also write numbers on the clovers. The child could read the number on the clover and place it in the correct bucket.
  • Move the buckets to the other side of the room so the child must run, skip, hop, etc. to put the clovers in the right bucket.


Leprechaun Gold Coin Toss

Leprechaun Gold Coin Toss - A gross motor and number recognition activity with dollar store supplies.

This Leprechaun Gold Coin Toss is an activity that could be done inside or out! It’s a good ‘get moving’ activity. The point of this activity is to fill the leprechaun hats with the correct number of gold coins. This helps with counting, number recognition, sequence, and helps to develop gross motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Dollar Store Supplies

Leprechaun Gold Coin Toss - A gross motor and number recognition activity with dollar store supplies.

Mini Leprechaun Hats

Mini Foam Clovers

Gold Coins


Total Cost: $4

How To Set Up

First I turned the leprechaun hats over. Next I wrote numbers on the clovers. I started with 1-5, since I had 5 hats. I placed the clover on the hat (optional: tape the clover to the hat).

Set the gold coins up in front of the child. They must toss the gold coins into the the upside down hat until they have successfully tossed in as many as written on the clover. You can switch up the numbers with different clovers as well.

Challenge: Ideas to make this activity more challenging.

  • Use clovers with numbers written on them as a simple addition or subtraction problem. The answer of the problem would be the number of coins tossed into the hats.
  • Create a pattern with numbers, written on the clovers, and the child must finish the pattern with the gold coins.


These are excellent activities for a classroom or at home, inside or out. As you can see they are easy to set up, do not make a mess, and the supplies were all purchased at the dollar store! How fantastic is that?



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