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Free Printable Find The Difference Activity For Toddlers & Preschoolers


Simple activities seem to be the best for little ones. I find that toddlers and preschoolers learn better when the activities are simple, quick and a theme that they enjoy. If you have a child obsessed with trucks, this activity is probably going to be a hit.


Finding the difference between objects is an excellent activity for kids. Not only is it fun but it helps strengthen important skills such as concentration and noticing details. This activity can be considered a mind puzzle. Some people thrive on mind puzzles, while others have trouble. Regardless, they are fantastic for toddlers and preschoolers.

This type of puzzle is also beneficial for strengthening cognitive skills and increasing problem solving awareness.

Hand eye coordination is strengthened when a child points out or circles the different truck.

Goal setting is touched on here when the child sets out to find the difference in each line. It is a simple and very short term goal, but it is a goal.

This is also fantastic for helping to strengthen memory skills.


How To Use

First start out by printing out the sheet, you can do this below.

There are a few options. This could be a single use activity or multiple. If you are wanting to use it multiple times, laminating would be a great way to extend the life of this activity beyond one time. At that time, a dry erase marker can be used to circle or color the different object. You could also use manipulatives like beads or mini erasers to mark the same or different objects. Play dough would also make a great manipulative for this activity!

If single use is where you are at, there are a few fun ways this can be done. You could have the child color all the same trucks one color and the different truck and second color.

The child could simply circle the different truck.

Manipulatives could also be used, like mini erasers or beads.


You can download this fun printable here.