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Do your kids draw, color, or paint as much as mine does? I feel like she is always creating something. We have never talked about the different types of art or how people create it, we just create our own. With her love for it, though, she should know. Surprisingly she was very interested and loved looking at different types of art. I created these printables so that she could see the difference first hand between different types of art.

Exploring Art Mediums

  Free Printables: Exploring Art Mediums For Kids. Free Printable Drawing Prompts.  

About This Activity

Art is so important, isn’t it? It’s beautiful, meaningful, an excellent outlet for creativity, and so much more. Teaching kids about art can be complicated, but with these printables introducing art to them will be fun. These will encourage creativity, show the difference between the different ways that art can be created as well as helping children practice following directions in a low pressure way.

Free Printables: Exploring Art Mediums For Kids. Free Printable Drawing Prompts.  

How To Use This Activity


Each page of the printable has a different set of directions.

Draw A House With Markers
Draw A Portrait With Crayons
Draw Nature With Water Color Paints

The directions are mostly open ended which allows each child to be as creative as they can within the parameters of the instructions.

Each page has a different art supply that is asked to be used. When the pictures are complete children can see the difference between the various types of art. It is even better that they created it themselves.

There is also a bonus art supply I Spy game. My daughter LOVES I Spy games so I make one whenever I get the chance.

Add To The Activity

Add various extra instructions. For instance ask the child to use at least 3 squares in the home picture, seven circles in the nature picture, etc.

You could print extra pages and ask your child to complete the pages with their eyes closed one time and open the second. This will show different versions.