Advent Calendar Ideas and Printables

It's that time of year again. The 25 days before Christmas. As a mom, I want to make these 25 days extra special and festive. There are some big things that we do, like Christmas parties or special Christmas events. Those are important but the smaller things are...

Christmas Coloring Worksheet Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Christmas is a fun time of year for everyone. Adding color to the month of December is just another way to make the season festive. We know that kids will enjoy this fun Christmas coloring activity worksheet for toddlers and preschoolers. Featuring whimsical pictures...

Christmas Printables For Kids

My kids are out of school for winter break. I have bittersweet feelings. I love having them home, being able to share hours and hours with them, playing out our Christmas traditions and more. Then there's the moment that I need to get something done and do you know...

Gingerbread Counting Sensory Bin

You'll love this easy gingerbread sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers! While we include the cards with numbers on them, there are also cards that are blank for you to write in letters or sight words. Is there any greater smell than gingerbread cookies baking in...

Turkey Coloring Book

Who said you can't work on preschool skills during the holidays? The best thing about teaching toddlers and preschoolers is that they don't even know they're learning! With our turkey color recognition book, they'll be recognizing their colors in no time and stay busy...
Free Printable: Fall Themed Count & Color Printable


Our activities are designed with varying ages and skill levels in mind.

Is your toddler just starting to  recognize their numbers and letters? Work on numbers 1-20 and uppercase letters included in the packs.

Seasoned preschoolers getting prepared for kindergarten? Fill in the blank templates that come with each printable with sight words.

We have many different free printables on our blog

With over 250+ printables in our membership, and 80 different themes, you’ll be able to create interactive printables all year long!



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