Valentine’s Day Pencil Gift Craft

Got some bright sparkly pencils to gift your students on Valentine’s Day? Need cute Valentine’s Day pencil cards to stick them in?

Look no further!

These free Valentine Pencil cards with clever play-on-word phrases are just the kind of thing to brighten someone’s day. Check them out!

I created these for my littles to hand out at school on Valentine’s Day,  and am happy to provide them for you to use too.

What’s included?

There are 6 pages of Valentine’s Day pencil cards! 3 of those pages include 4 different color combinations of the same cute design, and another 3 are the same designs but provided in black and white – perfect for letting your little ones do some coloring. Each Valentine’s Day card has a different slot where you can poke a pencil through, and it matches perfectly with the animal design.

Pencil Shape Valentine Card


Pencil shaped Valentine's Day card with pencils

Check out these fun pencil shaped cards! Color your own or print our pre-colored pencil shapes and tell your Valentine’s how “write” they are for being your friend!

Nose Picking Valentine Card

Nose pricking valentines day card

Let’s face it. Boys love to pick their noses. At least the two in my house do and they love to talk about it. I got a few giggles out of mine when I presented them with these “I pick you every time!” cards.

Sloth Valentine Card

Sloth Valentine's Day card with pencils

One of my good friends loves sloths! These cute sloth cards tell all your cool friends how much you like being in their company!

What do I need to make these cards?


If you’ve got your own ideas for Valentine’s Day card with pencil designs and would like some help bringing them to life, send me a message! I would love to make some custom cards for you! You can email me at


Enjoy 🙂


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