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Shape Recognition Practice for Preschoolers

Has your child started to point to shapes and name them? Are they able to tell the difference between a circle and a square? It may be time to boost the shape recognition activities at home using these fun Christmas shape recognition worksheets!

Why is it important for children to recognize shapes?

This world is FULL of shapes! Everything is either a simple, basic shape, or a compound shape complete with many geometric properties. Understanding shapes, recognizing them, and being able to categorize them will support their understanding of the world around them. They will be able to more quickly and easily process visual information. This will lead to developing more advanced skills later on, like reading and counting.

What are some shape recognition activities that I can do with my child?

There are so many ways to help your child practice shape recognition! Here are a few of my favorite.

Draw it out!

One way to boost your child’s recognition of shapes is by having them draw! I created these “Shapes on Santa’s Beard” handouts Shape Recognition Santa Beard for my own kids to trace, color, and cut. 

What you need for this activity:

How you can use this resource:

  • Trace the shapes on Santa’s beard
  • Color Santa and color the shapes on his beard
  • Bonus for older kids: cutting out the shapes, sorting them, and gluing them 

Have your child name the shapes as they are tracing them. Have them do the same as they’re coloring! You can prompt them by asking, “What shape are you tracing right now?” or you can say, “Color the circle!”

As ANOTHER bonus with this activity, you can double up the learning and work on color recognition too! You can ask them, “What color are you using to trace the triangle?” or you can say, “Color the square red!”

This “Shapes on Santa’s Beard” activity Shape Recognition Santa Beard looks simple, but the opportunities are endless – and with Santa’s face on it, fun to boot for Christmas!

Hands-on, tactile sorting

Hands-on tactile activities are some of the most effective for preschoolers. Holding objects of different shapes, allowing your child to touch them, and categorizing them together works very well.

I Spy: shape edition

This one requires nothing but your eyes! Traditionally, is “I Spy” game is used for color recognition, but just like my “Shapes in Santa’s Beard” activity, it can be used to practice multiple skills.

You can play this game anywhere: outside, in your home, at a restaurant, or even when running errands at the grocery store. Say to your child, “I spy with my little eye something that is a triangle!” Repeat with several different shapes, and watch your little one search for shapes like a shape-recognition pro!

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